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The Newest Window Trends And Innovations For 2017

December 25th, 2016 8:02 AM by Jackie A. Graves

It’s about to be a new year with a whole new view—if you install new windows on your home, that is. If your resolution this year is to finally get your home decor in shape, then your windows may just be a good place to start. After all, with interior design trending towards natural elements, letting in a little outside light—and some choice views of the outdoors—couldn’t hurt. And new windows take on both the interior and exterior aesthetics of your home, letting you get a two-in-one update for the price of one. Plus, with more efficient innovations than ever, this year’s offerings are sure to net you some savings on your utility bills, as well. Let’s take a look at what the future of windows looks like—and what you can do to get these trends in your home today.

Convert Double Pane Windows Into French Glass Doors

Ubiquitous and serviceable, sets of double pane windows are still a popular choice among homeowners. But they don’t exactly have the freshest look. Many have begun transforming these old standbys into wide sliding glass or French doors, especially on a side wall where they can provide additional outdoor access. It’s a great way to invite the outside in—and punch up your home’s exits as well.

Give Your Frames a Splash of Color

Eggshell and ivory are so old school! Vinyl frames are popping up this year in a wide range of colors—everything from umber to rust to forest green and back again. These models allow you to use your home’s trim and accents to add extra polish to exterior decor, without sacrificing efficiency or durability. Ditching the white has never looked so good!

Make Your Glass Smarter

Everything in homes is going wireless—so why not your windows, too? While it may seem strange to think of digital windows, sensored glass actually performs a pretty neat function. It uses environmental triggers to adjust the tint on your windows, allowing more or less light and heat into your home’s interiors. In fact, experts are predicting that connective glass will one day interact with phones to offer an additional projection surface. While still relatively new, you can get the first smart glass from View Dynamic Glass—and kiss ugly blinds goodbye forever!

Turn Your Whole Wall into an Architectural Splendor

Continuing with the trend to bring more natural light indoors, some homeowners have been going all in and converting whole sides of their home into large glass curtain walls or window panels. While a glass wall is certainly a big decision, it comes with huge rewards for your home’s overall architectural aesthetics—and it offers a streamlined way to update an older home, as well.

Purchase a Stained Glass Panel

Historians, rejoice! Stained glass is finally making a comeback. Modern stained glass pieces abandon the tight and ornate flourishes of old and instead embrace geometric patterns and minimalist color panels that add a quirky splash of color without feeling dated. In fact, these futuristic models can even charge your tablet for you!

Stay On Top of New Energy Innovations

It’s one thing to outfit your home with the latest efficiency features. But that’s not always possible—especially when it comes to windows. Not everyone has the wallet or the desire to replace their windows as frequently as they do their iPhone. Retrofit products offer a compromise by allowing homeowners to keep their existing frames and glass. In particular, we have our eye on one innovation: transparent polymer panels that fit into existing windows to improve the overall R-value. That might be a great solution for those homeowners concerned with the long return on investment for efficient window replacements. With developments like these, the future of windows is certainly looking bright!

By Bryn Hunt Palmer -To view the original article click here

Posted by Jackie A. Graves on December 25th, 2016 8:02 AM


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