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Surprising Things that Can Increase the Value of Your Home

September 2nd, 2017 10:07 AM by Jackie A. Graves, President

There are a few surprising things that can help you to sell your home. These things require a little expense, a little time and a little effort but they could help you to sell or rent.

They are not going to sell the house on its own, but they could be the things that tip them over, the things that take them from “on the fence” to “committed buyer”. And in my own personal experience, many of these things have been able to do just that.

Garage Door

A new garage door can help to provide a standout feature, improving curb appealing, making your home more insulted and giving you a great selling point for anyone who needs extra space or has a car they want to keep secure.

You need to do a little work with this one because the potential buyers need to know how useful this is. If you’re renting, then let them know that it will help them to save on their bills while also cutting down the risk of damp and other serious issues.

A Nice Bath

One of the tricks I use when renting out or selling homes to wealthy, hard working middle-class families is to invest in a large, relaxing bath, such as a spa-bath or Jacuzzi. You will be hard-pressed to find someone in this position (especially if they have kids) that doesn’t envisage themselves sinking into that bath after a long day of work.

You can keep the costs down if you pay attention to low-cost fitters and to expert renovators. In other words, search for retailers and specialists like Home Spa Select instead of your usual high street supplier like Bed Bath and Beyond.

A Nice Smell

The age-old trick of recreating the smell of baked bread is still used for a reason: it works. You need that freshness in the home. You need the welcoming smells because otherwise the house starts to feel like an empty shell instead of a home.

It’s not just baked bread and cookies either. Any smell that is warming and not clinical will help to create the atmosphere you need, from incense burning in the bedroom, to sweet smells in the kitchen and fresh smells in any room that is open and facing the yard.

Lush Lawn

You’re selling a dream. You’re showing someone what they could have and what they could create. Because of this, a lush green lawn complete with a few flowers here and there is both welcoming and aspirational. This obviously works better if they are green fingered, but if not then the fact that the lawn is so neat and minimal is also a selling point.

For those who love gardening, they will see it as a blank canvas on which they can paint their own creation. For those who hate gardening they will naturally assume that it is minimal, easy and doesn’t require much maintenance.

I personally sold a house like this to a hard-working man who had a tough security job in the region. He wanted something minimal and simple, even though just hours earlier I had received interest from a couple who loved gardening and saw it as quite the opposite.

Gym Space

You should never leave random gym equipment around. It looks messy and chaotic. I know we all do it in our homes. I personally have a Bowflex at the bottom of my bed and stacks of unused stuff in a spare bedroom. But I would never sell my house with that there. An immediate red flag for me is a home that displays running machines and weights alongside beds, desks and more.

However, if you place these in a room with nothing else, creating a makeshift gym of sorts, it can have a positive effect. Everyone wants a little room to workout these days and if a buyer thinks they can get that in a home that delivers on everything else, even though they didn’t think they had the space, then you could have a sale.

By Michael Smith - To view the original article click here

Posted by Jackie A. Graves, President on September 2nd, 2017 10:07 AM


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