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Homeowner Essentials

July 8th, 2014 8:36 AM by Jackie A. Graves, President

Homeowner Essentials


Congratulations! You’ve achieved the American Dream…but can you hold on to it? In these unprecedented financial times, protecting your investment might be harder than you think. The Homeowner Essentials online training program is designed to help you benefit from and enjoy your real estate investment for years to come. What you can expect in the 9 online courses comprising this program is engaging training that is based on years of working with folks just like yourself.


There are ten sections in the Homeowner Essentials course that will help consumers understand the essentials of homeownership:


1. Surviving Tough Economic Times
As a homeowner, you need to plan for rough patches. In this course, we will walk you through steps to deal with job loss, identify resources for assisting in home retention, help you streamline and manage key living expenses and provide you with tools for stress management.


2. Creating and Living Within a Budget
Why is it important to save money and live within a budget? In this course, we will discuss the importance of saving money, creating a budget and key methods for limiting your spending.


3. Keys to Understanding and Improving Your Credit
In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of good credit – including how creditors view you and how to build and maintain good credit.


4. Making Your Mortgage Work for You
Having a home isn’t the only benefit to homeownership! In this course, we will explain key benefits you receive from having a mortgage, discuss refinancing and additional mortgage products, look at when you should consider refinancing and distinguish between loan modification programs.


5. Avoiding Scams and Predatory Lending
Most lenders are reputable, but in this course we will teach you how to identify common and costly scams. This course will also help you understand what predatory lending is and how to locate resources to assist you.


6. Preventing Foreclosure: Exploring Your Options
Foreclosure can be a real risk for homeowners. In this course we will equip you with tools to assess your risk and identify alternate solutions to prevent foreclosure when possible.


7. Navigating the Foreclosure Process
If foreclosure becomes a reality for you, you need to be armed with the information to manage it. In this course, we will discuss what a foreclosure is and provide you with the basic information to identify the types, recognize state and federal law impact, and prepare a timeline.


8. Homeownership: Protecting Your Greatest Investment
This course will equip you to truly protect your home as your greatest investment. You will learn ways to protect your home, build a maintenance strategy, identify consumer protection laws for homeowners and more!


9. Establishing a Home Record Keeping System
With an investment this big, you want to be sure you have your documentation maintained as well. In this course we will tell you why this is so important and help you define a plan to keep those critical records safe and organized.


10. Getting Involved in Your Community
As a homeowner, you are now part of a larger community. In this course, we will highlight the reasons why becoming an active member in your community will benefit you directly and steps to do it.


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Posted by Jackie A. Graves, President on July 8th, 2014 8:36 AM


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