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Home Buyer Essentials

July 10th, 2014 7:27 AM by Jackie A. Graves

Home Buying Essentials


Americans strive every day to reach the American Dream – owning a home. Home Buying Essentials online training programs are designed to help you reach that goal. What you can expect from this curriculum is engaging training that is based on years of working with folks just like yourself.


There are 11 sections in the Home Buyer Essentials course:


1. Are You Ready to Take the Plunge Into Homeownership?
Learn the many benefits to homeownership, take a deeper look at your financial plans for savings and income, and conduct a self-assessment to determine if you are ready to take the plunge!


2. Keys to Understanding and Improving Your Credit
In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of good credit – including how creditors view you and how to build and maintain good credit.


3. Tips for Debt Free Living
This course is designed to equip you with the tools you need to become debt-free by developing a plan to eliminate debt and set attainable goals.


4. Budgeting for the Home Purchase
In this course, you will learn how to set and meet financial goals by creating a realistic spending plan, identify ways to budget and save, and plan ahead for expenses homeowners typically encounter.


5. Essentials of the Real Estate Process
Who is who in the real estate process? This course will introduce you to the key players in the home buying process and prepare you for working with a real estate agent and potential lenders.


6. Preparing for the Home Buying Process
Understanding how mortgage lenders make decisions, and what you are responsible for, will help the home buying process move more smoothly. This course will highlight critical players and processes to prepare you for what you will encounter.


7. Shopping for a Home
This course will help you navigate the steps in selecting the right neighborhood and home, learn how to make an offer, negotiate and get a clear picture of the contract and closing processes.


8. Obtaining Your Mortgage Loan
Once you have a mortgage loan started, what happens next? In preparation for getting the keys to your new home, this course will walk you through the final stages of the deal including the settlement and fees associated with the closing.


9. Closing the Deal: Preparing for Settlement
What should you expect when it finally comes time to sign the papers and get your home? This course will walk you through what is expected from the real estate side, lender side and what you can expect during the final settlement process.


10. Maintaining Your Home
  Now that you have a home, how are you going to maintain your investment? This course will help you understand and plan for costs associated with utilities, repairs, improvements and plan for your safety and security.


11. Establishing a Home Record Keeping System
With an investment this big, you want to be sure you have your documentation maintained as well. In this course we will tell you why this is so important and help you define a plan to keep those critical records safe and organized.


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Posted by Jackie A. Graves on July 10th, 2014 7:27 AM


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